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Welcome the world of do-it-yourself wedding planning. Here, you will learn how to toss away the photos of a wedding that do not fit your own style so as to create your own signature in your very own wedding. After all it is your wedding.

The retaining of planners actually took root initially in the business world where the owners of different enterprises took it upon themselves to hire so-called professionals to help plan different aspects of the business’s operations. Eventually, this started to seep over into the personal lives of many people. Following the business model, people began hiring personal financial planners.

Of course, in due course, the planner started invading the province of personal life: financial planners, party or meal planners, most importantly wedding planners. By leaps and bounds, there has been a marked increase in the number of couples who are headed to the altar who end up hiring wedding planners to aid and assist them in their preparation for that big, momentous day. Maybe you are already thinking about hiring a wedding planner for your wedding. You may think this is the best course for you. But in reality there are valid reasons waiting for your attention that can help you decide whether or not you should hire a wedding planner.

The Process is Important

In many countries around the world when people take to traveling, the destination is all that matters. The actually journey from Point A to Point B is irrelevant and something to be endured at best.

This is definitely not the usual practice seen all over the world. In other countries, the actually traveling and journey itself is an integral part of any trip. The impatience that can be found in some sectors in regard to traveling to a vacation destination can also be felt in the planning for a wedding. There are people who simply have concluded that while the wedding itself is magic, the planning for the wedding is not something to be savored. With that mind set, these people readily (and with seeming pleasure) pass off the responsibilities of planning for their wedding to a professional wedding planner.

What you will want to do is give recognition to the fact that the process of preparing for and planning a wedding is important. Of course, memories will be made on your big day itself. However, by hiring a wedding planner, you will be missing the chance to make a whole additional set of memories that will blossom through the planning process itself. You need to keep in mind that the process of planning you wedding, the process of having a direct and hands on role in planning your wedding, is important.

Making Your Imprint — Directly

It goes without saying that if you are like most people you want to ensure that your wedding bears your own distinctive and unique imprint. The fact is that when you use a wedding planner you do have influence on the decisions that are made, your desires and ideas end up being filtered and adjusted by someone else’s vision, a person who most likely is a professional stranger no matter how chummy a particular wedding planner may be face to face.

The best and surest way to ensure that your nuptials and everything associated with your wedding day really does bear your imprint is to plan the affair and the occasion yourself.


While there are some practical benefits to hiring a wedding planner, there are some transcendent benefits that attach and adhere to planning your special day on your own. Therefore, before you do consider hiring a wedding planner, consider the pros and cons of undertaking the planning tasks on your own.

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