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All you need is love and the best Wedding Planner. Wedding Day is the Day that will live in the memory of couples for a lifetime. We are a team of professional wedding planners; we are specialized in offering elegant wedding decoration. We are one of the top wedding planners based in Delhi, India having an expertise of more than 8 years. We offer a Full-fledged service of Wedding Planning and décor agency. We as a wedding, planners one-stop solutions to all your event needs

As a professional Wedding planner, we are professionals who assist you with the design planning and management of a client’s wedding. Weddings are significant events in people’s lives such as couples often willing to spend a considerable amount of money to ensure their weddings are well organized. Our expert team will prepare every detail of your Wedding day, your way, portfolio, Make inquiries, view services, etc.

Wedding Planners help couples to plan successfully their wedding day and see that everything runs very smoothly. As an expert and professional wedding planner, our responsibilities include,

  • Coordinate with vendors and clients recommend appropriate wedding theme
  • Establishing a planning timeline and working with the Bride and groom to choose everything from attire, Ceremony to reception venues, Music and Food, drink entertainment also includes arranging accommodation, comforts, and facilities for wedding
  • We administer the timely collection of payments from bride and bridegroom to make payments for appropriate vendors. Manage Finalization of venue and Finalization of contract.
  • As a wedding planner, we meet with engaged couples to understand the couples on a vision of their wedding, Discuss and plan the scope of the wedding event, including time, location and cost.
  • Arrange transport for various supplies and types of equipment for the wedding venue
  • Assist the staff to analyze resources and gather all necessary information from various sites.
  • The wedding planner will provide innovative ideas for a wedding ceremony and ensure appropriate implementation of the same.
  • Monitor all on-site production activities and manage the cleaning process of the site.
  • Prepare checklists for all the activities and ensure completion of the same.
  • Coordinate with caterers, florists, photographers, and tent team to ensure efficient co-ordination of all services.

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